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Installers of low-energy Air Conditioning & Heating products.
Offering clients the best products for the overall
owning cost not just the initial capital cost.
At the forefront of new developments and innovation in the field of Building Services.
Specialist in Engineering, Energy Management and Compliance Services.
Delivering value for money and a first class service.
Full potential energy savings and efficiencies can be achieved
in the building with an integrated Services Strategy.
Providing superior value to all our clients large and small.
We understand your building and it occupant's needs.
Ensuring that your building is fully compliant with current legislations.
Building Services

Compliance, Energy and Engineering Services from Heating, Electrical etc.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


Universities, Councils, Healthcare Organisations, Leisure Centres.

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Air conditioning projects or HVACR projects

Innovative and highly efficient products are regularly being launched into the HVACR market due to the demand for greener and more efficient technologies.

These products offer end users great incentives to upgrade so they can enjoy the benefits of lower running costs, green credentials, greater reliability and all-round lower owning costs with short paybacks.

Birdsall’s in-house projects team regards these new developments as exciting, since the potential for performance improvements is huge.

So we always offer our customers the option of different technologies, fully detailing the benefits of each.

Our strategy is to offer our customers the best product for the overall owning cost, not just the initial capital cost. With the efficiency differences so great, a slightly higher capital cost can be repaid quickly.

Birdsall Project services include:

  • Design – Air Conditioning, Chillers, Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation
  • Installation – Air Conditioning, Chillers, Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation

When a new Air Conditioning system is required our in-house design team will determine your requirements and select the best option to meet the criteria.

  • Design – our in-house design service is free to all our clients
  • Installation – our project managers and engineers are in-house
  • Partnerships – Birdsall has developed partnerships with a number of leading manufacturers, providing our customers with better prices and service
  • Reputation – Birdsall has an excellent reputation for delivering complex and innovative projects, of which our BBC CHPC project was a prime example

“Birdsall’s strategy is to offer our customers the best product for the overall owning cost, not just the initial capital cost”

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all our customers. 2016 is our 40th year in business. To celebrate we are launching an exciting programme of innovative new services that will be beneficial both financially and environmentally. Details of these services will be communicated directly in early February.   ...
Friends House Boiler Project
The Religous Society of Friends have awarded Birdsall the contract to replace their main boilers serving Friends House. As the maintenance contractor for Friends House Birdsall know the building very well. The project shall commence in April 2015 and be complete by August 2015. ...
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Careers at Birdsall

Birdsall are recruiting to extend their team of heating and multi skilled engineers