Optimise Your Building


Optimise BeMS

 A priority is always to optimise the BeMS to deliver the current conditions required by the building occupants, immediately improving conditions and performance. We would link the building BeMS to our Bureau to enable constant optimisation. Tridium Niagara is Birdsall’s preferred open platform.

Optimise HVAC

 All HVAC assets would be recommissioned and linked to the BeMS to enable effective operation and optimisation. Sensors would be installed throughout the building to enable better control & optimisation.

Optimise Lighting

Utilising sensors and timers and smart design we can optimise the use of lighting. Building the sensors into the lighting system easily provides the connected infrastructure.

Optimise loT

 Genuine IoT devices and assets would be linked via Niagara to enable communication and effective optimisation and operation.

Optimise Energy

 Through Niagara and the BeMS we can review energy consumption and patterns and adjust usage to optimise energy efficiency.

Optimise Space

Space is commonly under-utilised and inefficiently used making it overly expensive to the building tenants. We can assist in the optimisation of space to significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs. 


Birdsall help determine your building strategies which typically include objectives to improve sustainability, energy efficiency, compliance and space utilisation. We help undertake surveys, assessments and consultations. With all this data we can together formulate your building optimisation strategy.


Capital and payback realities will determine how a strategy is implemented. Birdsall project manage all aspects of the engineering, whilst working with you to ensure successful change management. The implementation programme will be designed to be un-intrusive.


Birdsall incorporate the new building strategy into the maintenance and operation programme, including asset maintenance and asset & compliance management to deliver the optimisation objectives. All key stakeholders are briefed on the programme.


Ongoing control of the building using the BeMS includes the constant monitoring and management of the assets & energy usage to ensure optimisation is maintained. Birdsall work with you the customer to achieve this and to keep the workforce engaged.