Energy Services

Energy Services

The signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2016 encouraged Birdsall to establish a new energy services team in 2017 and develop an innovative service model.

We recognised that district energy networks would play an important role in new building developments as a result of the initiative. Our analysis has proven true and today the growth rate is accelerating.


Energy Centres

Birdsall operate and maintain over 25 energy centres in the capital for leading energy and infrastructure organisations.

The energy centres operate 24/7. It is our responsibility to ensure they operate both efficiently and reliably.

To ensure we deliver our services Birdsall directly employ and train our own specialist engineers to enable us to self-deliver our service model. We use specialist partners for CHP and water treatment.


District Energy Networks

As the construction schemes become larger, so do the networks to serve them. A typical district energy network will serve multiples of buildings including thousands of homes as well as commercial and retail space and often a hotel.

Our service model continues to evolve with the growth of the networks and the introduction of IoT technology. It has proven to be successful with the leading ESCo’s who have incorporated it into their operations.

Today Birdsall are an active member of the UKDEA (UK District Energy Association).


Data Management

Birdsall operate and manage BEMS & IoT systems through an open platform. Our bureau enables us to provide clients with valuable data management services. This works well with our optimise model and services, delivering greater value to our clients.


Energy Optimisation

With the BeMS and other building protocols managed through an open platform though our bureau and an experienced engineering team, we can deliver constant energy optimisation to meet the particular strategies and requirements of the ESCo.

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