Making buildings and workplaces smarter, improving the environment and your bottom line.
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Building a smarter, connected future

Birdsall are a building services engineering company incorporating four business units that deliver a complete range of specialist services.

Our services support and enable our customers to effectively operate their buildings in compliance with best practice.

In addition, Birdsall specialises in helping our customers optimise their buildings performance, energy efficiency and sustainability by adopting new smart technologies.

Indeed, smarter, connected buildings are now a reality, delivering impressive benefits to all concerned. The technology is available and cost-efficient. Birdsall have developed solutions to serve many types of buildings and budgets.

Adopting genuine smart technology and incorporating it with a BeMS allows a building to effectively utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect all its systems via a smart platform.

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Birdsall are an innovative company with a 46-year track record of delivering innovation, energy efficiency and environmental solutions. We are often ahead of our market in terms of new trends and technology adoption.

We have invested in the development of new services to meet the changing landscape and technology to deliver efficiency and environmental performance for a smarter building.

If you are ready to reassess your buildings' operation and maintenance strategy and wish to determine an exciting and achievable project for your building, please open a dialogue with us and together we can transform your building and the occupants' experience.

Birdsall have adopted Tridium Niagara as our smart platform to deliver IoT connected services to serve our clients. We are currently establishing our own Bureau from which we can deliver our connected services.

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