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Optimise Services

The building industry has been slow to adopt the benefits of smart technology. We all use smart devices daily, yet when it comes to our buildings, many are stuck in the past, relying on old fashioned technology & practices. As a result, we endure buildings that perform poorly.

As an innovative company, Birdsall are quick to adopt the latest technology and practices into our service model. We can help your building operate smarter today.


Optimise BeMS

The BeMS would be optimised to deliver the conditions required by the building occupants, immediately improving conditions and performance. We would link the building BeMS to our Bureau to enable constant optimisation.


Optimise loT

All genuine IoT devices and assets would be linked via our data platform to the BeMS to enable communication and effective optimisation and operation.


Optimise HVAC

All HVAC assets would be linked via the Niagara platform and BeMS to enable communication and effective operating and optimisation.


Optimise Energy

Through Niagara and the BeMS we can review energy consumption and patterns and adjust useage to optimise energy efficiency.


Optimise Lighting

Utilising sensors and timers and smart design we can easily optimise the use of lighting. Building the sensors into the lighting system easily provides the connected infrastructure.


Optimise Space

Space is commonly under-utilised and inefficiently used making its overly expensive to the building tenants. We can assist in the optimisation of space to significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs.